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May 3, 2020

Mapware launches Environmental Monitoring Campaign

As of April 2021, Aerial Applications is now Mapware. The title of this archived release has been changed to reflect the new business name.

After years of assisting organizations and government agencies with tracking environmental changes and monitoring ecosystems, award-winning drone solutions provider Aerial Applications is announcing the launch of their Environmental Monitoring Campaign.

Aerial Applications leverages UAVs and AI-powered photogrammetry software to collect valuable environmental mapping and surveying data that’s used to track vegetation, assess wildlife habitats, monitor endangered species, and much more.

Learn more about Aerial Application’s environmental monitoring innovations:

“The technologies we’ve developed for the U.S. Air Force has effectively turned each endangered species we monitor into an umbrella species,” said Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Brooks. “ By monitoring them, we build the capabilities to support an entirely new generation of environmental protection applications. The opportunity to save countless other species is enormous. ”

About Aerial Applications

Aerial Applications provides web-based data management, processing, and Al image analysis software as a service for drone-enabled enterprises, using advanced acquisition and geospatial techniques to collect and refine big data. Our multi-stage proprietary system incorporates advanced algorithms with a simple, easy-to-use interface to provide an intuitive, powerful photogrammetry engine. Our cutting-edge technology and reliable, always-on data processing system means we can easily tackle time-critical resource-intensive projects. We leverage drone, Al, and automation technologies to revolutionize infrastructure and environmental management and create a safer, more insightful, more meaningful work experience for humans.


Aerial Applications
Jeff Brooks, CMO
(512) 364-3109

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