Mapware for the
Oil & Gas Industry

Faster, safer, more cost-effective inspections for your critical assets. Use drones to inspect pipelines, oil rigs, refineries, and more.

Efficient and easy drone inspections that save time and money

Manual inspections can take days or weeks, requiring costly coordination and often production downtime. With Mapware, it’s easier than ever to conduct safe, high-quality asset inspections.

  • Inspect your assets in hours, not days, minimizing production downtime

  • Stop accidents before they happen with low-cost, regular inspections

  • Respond quickly and effectively to maintenance issues to reduce the impact to your bottom line

  • Inspect hard-to-reach and hazardous areas while keeping technicians safe

Mapware on a tablet

Get better, faster results with Mapware

GPU-accelerated processing

Identify and fix issues faster with Mapware’s speedy processing. Cutting-edge hardware and algorithms make it easy to react quickly to new data.

Cloud-based collaboration

Take advantage of generous cloud storage and smart collaboration tools to streamline communication for distributed teams. Use Mapware on any device with an internet connection.

No arbitrary upload limits

Upload as many photos per model as you want. It’s easy to make digital twins of your assets, no matter how large or complex.

Mapware on a tablet

Streamline communication and collaboration

Improve communication between technicians, engineers, and management with easy-to-share models and flexible access controls.

With Mapware’s cloud-based platform, you can inspect assets remotely and communicate results to stakeholders rapidly.

Make better decisions with historical data

Mapware’s generous cloud storage makes it easier than ever to maintain trusted records of your asset inspections.

  • Use high-resolution models to prepare for emergencies and improve site security

  • View changes to your assets over time and plan data-driven preventative maintenance

  • Keep your data secure with Mapware’s role-based access control and modern cybersecurity processes and controls

Drone technology in
oil and gas is booming

Learn more about how drones are revolutionizing pipeline surveillance on our blog.

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