Mapware for Golf & Turf

Keep an eye on your entire property without stepping out the front door. Get high-res aerial imagery of your turf on demand, delivered straight to your web browser.

Explore High-Resolution Imagery

We’ll capture your property in immaculate detail with high-resolution aerial imagery and 10-band multispectral

Monitor Turf Health

Catch problems early with plant health indices like NDVI and GNDVI

Plan Construction & Renovation

Get survey-grade maps, models, and contour lines to help you plan your next project

Large aerial golf course survey imagery with a cutout showing the same areas in NDVI, which indicates turfgrass health.

Plant Health Indices

Quickly identify trouble areas with plant health indices (blue: unhealthy, green to red: healthy)

Get a bird’s eye view within days

  • Receive high-resolution multispectral maps of your entire property in a matter of days, not weeks

  • Uncover deeper insights with 10-band multispectral imaging and plant health indices

  • Aerial data capture can take as little as half an hour, minimizing disruption to players 

See your property like never before

  • Explore maps and 3D models of your property at any time from your standard web browser

  • Keep track of damage, weeds, herbicide applications, and more in Mapware 

  • Share high-resolution maps with stakeholders in just a few clicks

A screenshot of the Mapware platform showing an aerial turf inspection in 3D

Better planning starts with better data

Orthomosaics, point clouds, and 3D models

10-band multispectral

Plant health indices


Thermal imagery

Contour lines

Digital elevation models & topographic surfaces


Custom AI solutions

More data, more possibilities

Aerial surveying can make a big impact on golf course operations. Total visibility enables a range of new insights that can save time and money at dynamic golf properties. 

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