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Drones, photogrammetry, and environmental protection

Mapware leverages UAVs and AI-powered photogrammetry software to collect valuable environmental mapping and surveying data that’s used to track vegetation, assess wildlife habitats, monitor endangered species, and more.

Our partnership with the U.S. Air Force

In March 2020, Mapware was awarded the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II B Strategic Fund Increase.
This award gives Mapware 4 years and $6 Million in R&D funding to advance the development of AI-enabled environmental monitoring technology. The technology we develop will be applied to a variety of environmental protection and compliance initiatives.

Mapware Wins $6 Million Air Force Award

In a four-year R&D project, Mapware will develop a suite of advanced drone technologies that will be used to monitor a wide range of environmental characteristics at …

Protecting endangered birds

Our partnership with the Air Force began as a pilot project in 2019, when we worked together to develop UAV software and AI technology for wildlife conservation.
We worked with the Air Force to monitor the habitat of the endangered golden-cheeked warbler at the Camp Bullis Military Training Reservation near San Antonio, Texas. The data we collected and processed helped officials make informed land management decisions in order to preserve the birds’ native habitat.

Mapware Is Helping the U.S. Air Force Protect Endangered Birds

A bird on the brink of extinction could benefit from advanced software that helps the U.S. Air Force monitor forests, tree health, and golden-cheeked warbler habitat. How …

Looking ahead: UAVs and Environmental monitoring

The use of drone technology in environmental monitoring is growing, and for good reason. In addition to collecting and processing data more efficiently than humans, remote sensing UAV technology allows people to stay safe in challenging environments. Here are a few use cases for environmental monitoring with drones:
Wildlife count data collection
Wildlife count data collection

Monitoring animal species requires accurate population counts. AI-powered object recognition software gathers data faster and more accurately than humans, giving researchers a clearer path forward for wildlife conservation.

Coastal erosion monitoring

Drones are being used to photograph large areas of coastline and monitor erosion. Using photogrammetry software, researchers turn these photographs into high-resolution 3D maps that can be used to track erosion and model future changes.

Pollution monitoring
Pollution monitoring

From assessing oil spills to measuring toxic compounds in the air and water, monitoring environmental pollution can be a difficult and dangerous job. Pollution monitoring with drones is a safer alternative that researchers are using to gather data in areas that were previously too difficult to access.

Wildfire prevention

Location, terrain, and vegetation all contribute to wildfire risk. Drone-powered wildfire prevention technology allows for continuous landscape and vegetation monitoring. This enables officials to identify high-risk areas and perform prescribed burns and other land maintenance to reduce risk.

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