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You collect the data. We transform it into actionable insights.

Mapware’s cloud-based photogrammetry engine turns aerial photography into interactive 3D maps. Our unique GPU-accelerated process is lightning-fast and secure from end to end. In addition, Mapware maps can be accessed through our own web-based interface or via the platforms your clients already use.
Telecom, energy, agriculture, defense…major players across industries are demanding access to fast, accurate digital twins. Mapware is partnering with professional drone operators and small aircraft pilots to capitalize on this emerging market.

How do pilots benefit from advanced UAV software?

Earn referrals

Earn referrals.

Our sales pipeline is full of organizations asking for data collection solutions. We refer these leads to our pilot partners.

Gain market share.

Aerial photogrammetry is a rapidly growing field. Operators who get in early can secure their local markets and build the connections that turn into referrals down the road.

Get certified.

Mapware partners are trained on our software and earn our exclusive certification. As our brand grows, so will yours.

Generate more profit from every UAV mission.

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  • “Truthfully I couldn’t be more happy with the results, from a general perspective, along with the work flow/communication. From my perspective this has been a very beneficial relationship to this point and I look forward to continuing.”

    DJS Associates

  • “We believe that a rising tide raises all boats. At Mapware, we are committed to working with our data collection partners to help them add capabilities and ultimately grow their business as we work together over the long term.”

    Joe Sullivan, CEO

  • “AVIAN had the opportunity to provide support to Mapware for clients in the southern United States. Prior to the operation Mapware had amazing communication, and took the necessary steps in planning to ensure operational success. When operational risk concerns were addressed Mapware was able to methodically work with our firm to ensure safety was always addressed. They are adaptable to unforeseen variables, and are striving to ensure client satisfaction. Our company is looking forward to working with Mapware on future projects!”


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