Mapware for the Insurance Industry

Streamline claims and risk assessments with Mapware’s suite of secure and intuitive drone mapping tools.

Use Mapware to capture reality, exactly as it is.

Whether you’re protecting a massive office complex or a rental unit, Mapware’s flexible modeling and data storage capabilities can help you inspect assets, manage risk, and make or evaluate claims efficiently.

Mapware’s photogrammetry toolkit enables insurance companies, risk assessment firms, public adjusters, and policyholders to generate detailed maps and models of the physical world, ready for analysis and comparison.

Commercial Property
Commercial Property
Residential Property
Residential Property
Infrastructure & Utilities
Infrastructure & Utilities

Perform low-cost, high-fidelity inspections

  • Drones make inspections faster, safer, and cheaper. With a low-cost drone and Mapware, you can easily discover damage and risks to buildings, infrastructure, crops, and more.
  • Rapidly generate 3D models of disaster damage, without putting adjusters at risk.
  • Inspect hard-to-reach places with drones and generate immersive models that help you understand the context and cause of events.
  • Use Mapware’s suite of measurement tools to quantify the damaged area, property size, and more.
  • Start making models in no time. Mapware’s streamlined, no-fuss user interface has a shallow learning curve, making it easy for anyone to view and create models without a major time investment in learning new software.
Perform low-cost, high-fidelity inspections
Maintain trusted records

Supported file formats

Dense point cloud (.las)
Digital Elevation Model (.tiff)
Orthomosaic (.tiff)
Mesh and texture (.obj)

Maintain trusted records

  • We designed Mapware to be a trusted system of record for industries with exacting security and privacy standards. Mapware’s role-based access control and modern cybersecurity processes and controls will keep your data secure for as long as you store it with us.
  • Mapware stores your models on the cloud for as long as you want at no extra cost.

  • Mapware makes it easy to view changes over time. Store daily, weekly, or monthly models in the same project for easy pre-loss and post-loss assessments.
  • Take your models with you. Mapware offers a variety of export formats so you can bring your point clouds, DEMs, orthomosaics, and meshes into the next stage of your workflow.
  • Contact us for information about custom deployments on our government-approved cloud hosting platform.

Collaborate and communicate with stakeholders anywhere

  • Share your models with any number of stakeholders, organized into teams with access levels that support your workflow.

  • Wherever you are in the world, Mapware will follow. Access your maps from any device with an internet browser, whether you’re at your desk or on the move—no need to download any new software.

  • Compare your Mapware models and orthophotos pre and post claim to identify and confirm event impact.

Simple, flexible pricing

Whether you’re new to drone mapping or a veteran pilot, our subscription options are designed to give you exactly what you need.

With Mapware, you’ll get the enterprise experience without the high upfront investment. Mapware’s cloud storage, super-fast processing, unlimited GCPs, and more are included at every pricing tier.

What’s included?

  • Unlimited images per map, exports, and GCPs
  • Cloud storage
  • Fast, GPU-powered processing
  • Access from any number of devices (desktop or mobile)
  • Suite of measurement tools

Try out Mapware’s powerful photogrammetry software with a free trial account.