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How do you capture the highest quality aerial imagery with a UAV?

Mapware Data Acquisition Guidebook

Capture crystal clear images for a high-quality 3D orthomosaic map

Commercial UAVs, or drones, are a valuable tool for generating the high-quality imagery needed to produce interactive 3D maps and models.

However, there’s more to professional drone mapping than scheduling a flyover. The process of collecting serial image data using a high-resolution camera requires planning, expertise, and advanced mapping and rendering technology. Where do you get started?

This guidebook will help you capture drone photos to produce photogrammetric maps with advanced surveying and modeling capabilities. It covers:

  • Best practices for drone mapping flights, including specs for image overlap, lighting, and other technical features

  • Tips to choose the best UAV for your aerial photogrammetry mission

  • Techniques to plan your flight path for maximum image resolution

  • Advice on how to evaluate orthomosaic mapping software

  • And more!

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